Touristic Card Services

Call Center

There is a 24/7 service office where a professional call center team responds instantly to all your questions and questions. You can contact the call center team free of charge via our Wifi networks or by telephone and receive service in 3 languages (Turkish, English, Russian). ou can create questions through the Ticket system in the application and you can give feedback about the services and answers you have received, and you can evaluate by giving points.


You can get detailed information about public transportation services, bus and minibus transportation points, opening hours, round-trip prices.

Historical and Touristic Guide

You can see the important tourist and historical places in the region on the map and you can easily reach the places you want to go.


You can see important announcements made by the municipalities of your region and you can organize your plans and activities accordingly.


You can easily find the location and phone numbers of pharmacies in your area.


You can reach the taxi stops near your location.

Restaurants and Bars

You can reach the addresses and numbers of the best quality restaurants, cafes, bars, entertainment and shopping centers in your area.


You can access up-to-date information on concerts, festivals, activities, sports and entertainment prepared by the municipalities in your area.


Information about the location and phone numbers of the nearest hospitals and medical centers can be found here.


You can get information about the banks and ATMs in your area and you can easily access the current exchange rates.

Emergency call centers

Depending on the emergency situation, you can reach the call centers of police, fire brigade, emergency medical aid, gendarmerie and forest fire services.

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