What Is a Touirstic Card?

Tourist Services Card (TSC) is a service designed for tourists on the popular resort project in Turkey. TSC aims to provide the best holiday and travel experiences to its users through the TSC mobile application and call center.

The application includes emergency services, local information and many facilities and services to make your trip enjoyable. In addition to all these, you can reach our call center office in Turkish, English and Russian in three languages and get free answers to all your questions.

The phone has a Wifi service for users who do not have roaming enabled. You can download and use the application by connecting to TSC networks and contact the call center. Within the application, there is a map showing TSC's free Wifi hotspots, you can easily use the applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, Skype by providing internet access from these points.

What Are The Advantages?

TSC users will enjoy the privilege of feeling safe throughout their travels.
  • All the facilities and services you need with the Touristic Services Card are in your pocket.
  • Our professional call center team is at your service to answer your questions 24/7.
  • Special Wifi hotspots set up for you.
  • Be aware of important announcements issued by municipalities in your area.
  • Time, voyage and price information for all transportation vehicles.
  • Emergency services such as police, fire brigade, ambulance

Much more…..

How Does It Work?

Touristic Services Card application can be downloaded for free from Play Store in App Store. You can use the application with offline operation feature wherever you want without internet requirement. You must have a tourist card for online support from some services and call center within the application.


Where Can I Buy?

  • After downloading the application you can buy it in the app store or with your credit card to Touristic Card.
  • You can buy the Touristic Card on our website.
  • You can purchase a Touristic Card through our various points of sale in airports and districts.


If You Have A Tourist Card?

If you have a Tourist Card, you can enter your 12-digit card number and password in the login section after downloading the application via PlayStore or AppStore. After activation, your card will be paired with your device and user-specific sections within the application will be activated.

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